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A Bit About Me...

Ever since I was a kid, I've had the compulsive drive to create things.  I loved crafts, I sculpted buckets worth of little figurines out of polymer clay, and got in trouble once for spending more effort doodling on my spelling tests than I did on trying to spell the words correctly.  I've since moved to actually do something practical with my art, doing private commission work for the last decade and writing and illustrating the webcomic "Broken Plot Device" from 2008 to 2012.

I'm also a huge nerd.  I love videogames, and have owned half a dozen systems from the SNES to XBox360; I love reading comics, both in print and online; I love movies, cartoons, and animation; I love all the random funny, weird, and WTF stuff you find on the internet.  But more than any of that, I love entertaining people and sharing the things that I love.  

I created this site to be just that; a place where I can take all the stuff I create and and love, and put it all in one place.  Everyone needs a break from life every once in a while, so with any luck I can provide you with enough entertainment, comedy, and weirdness to make life a little more awesome.

Animation by "Kilojara"

Animation by "Kilojara"

A Bit About "Lizardbeth"...

The character of Lizardbeth has been my online alias & personal mascot since 1998.  She began as a hyper-exaggerated version of myself; goofy, creative, a bit spacey and addicted to coffee.  She's grown into her own entity over the years, even landing a main roll in my webcomic, "Broken Plot Device", but she'll always be just a little smidgen of "me", and will probably be sticking around with me for many years to come.  Like a tattoo, or a fungus.  A derpy, caffeine-fueled green fungus.  


animated gif made by Kilojara