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Real Media Artwork

I do my real media art primarily with Copic Markers, but will also mix in colored pencil, gel pen, acrylic paint, gouache, watercolor, and/or assorted collage elements.  

Digital Artwork

All my digital work is done with Adobe Photoshop CC (and very occasionally Illustrator CC) using a Cintiq 12wx on PC.

Character Portrait "Badges"

"Badges" are small character portraits that measure between 3"x4" to 4"x6", and can be done wither with real media or digitally.  Badges are primarily commissioned, and are typically worn by convention go-ers to identify themselves and others by their preferred online aliases.

Convention Sketches & WIP

These are a mixture of work in progress sketches for finished pieces as well as finished pencil (and some marker) sketches at conventions.  Pencil convention sketches are done with either a blue or red rough under-sketch with a clean sketch in standard pencil on top.  Gray marker sketches are done in ink and gray Copic markers.