Stay Safe

As of right now, it's just about 11 at night on monday in southern New Jersey (my power has gone out so it may be a bit before i'm able to post this).  The wind and the rain from Hurricane Sandy has been going on almost continuously for the last 24+ hours.  So far, my immediate area is doing ok; I still have power and there's no major flooding (although the drainage ditch in the back yard looks like a lake).  My only big safety-worry right now is one of those 2 really tall trees in the back yard deciding to do a flying elbow drop onto the roof.   

So thankfully, I'm doing ok. For now.  If anything terrible happens, you guys on twitter will be 3rd to know (after my father and 911). 

Some people aren't so lucky.

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ

Please stay safe out there, guys. 

-Lizzy B.

Update: It's now 1pm on tuesday, and I survived the night dry, safe, and with nay a tree landing on my head.  I'm extremely thankful for this, as others weren't so lucky.  I want to do something about this, I'm just not sure what yet. Stay tuned...