Hey, guys!  Oh man, do I have a THING for you!

I'm launching a new thing starting today.  It's part drawing practice, part creativity exercise, and part I-just-want-to-have-some-fun-god-dammit.  Basically, for the entire year of 2013, I'll be uploading one drawing of a random "critter" every day. It could be a cartoon or a realistic life drawing. It could be a real living animal, an extinct beast, a fantasy creature or alien. They'll range from pencil sketch doodles to full, fleshed-out color pieces.  

The idea is to have something fun for you to come check out every day*, on top of whatever other additional things I feel like posting.  So even on days where there isn't a larger update like a video, blog, comic, or what have you, there will still be that day's critter.

Seeing as I'm starting this a month late however, the next week or so will be spent catching up to the current date.  So for the time being, enjoy these extra daily critters!  There will be many, MANY more to come. :)


I'll see you tomorrow with more critters! Until then, stay safe and be nice to your mailman.

-Lizzy B.

*On the off-chance I will be without internet access for any period of time, I'll either post extra drawings early, or catch up after the fact.  I'll do everything in my power to avoid this, but ya know, stuff happens.