Sponsor a Valentine's Video!

Hey, guys!

I'm prepping for a Valentines day-themed how-to video which I think could be pretty fun and hilarious (and possibly personally degrading and sad).  Basically, I thought about everyone who, on this day of romance and love, don't have a "special someone" in their lives to give then a nice valentines gift.  So why not make the quintessential "Valentine for Single People" care package?

Here's the thing though: I expect the total cost for supplies that I'll need to buy will be somewhere around $50-$60.  Money is a bit tight for me right now, and while I can afford to put this together it would be nice to have a bit of assistance if possible.  However, I don't want to just start asking for money without giving something out in return.

So, here's a proposition for you:  If you'd like to sponsor the video, you can send a contribution of any amount you choose to LizardbethArt@gmail.com via PayPal.  Not only will I personally thank you in the video for your sponsorship, but you could win the very "Single's Valentine" that I will be making in the video! In the event I raise enough to make more than one, I'll pick a few people to send care packages to.  The more love to spread around, the better, I say!

Just a few rules: you MUST be old enough to drink, as the Valentines will contain alcohol. There is also a chance that they will contain nuts; if this is an issue for you, let me know!  And you should, ideally, send your sponsorship in by February 7th in order to be included in the video "thank you's" and be eligible to win a package. The sooner the better though!  

You also have the option to either opt for your package to be sent to a person of your choice should you win, or waive your chance to win entirely, for those of you who want to contribute purely out of the spirit of giving (and if that's you, than you are what makes the world a better place, you are awesome beyond description, and I love you forever!!)

So if you want to help out with this and possibly win a fun Valentine's Day care package for yourself or a single friend in your life, please sponsor the video!  Every dollar would help, and the more I raise, the more packages I would be able to make, and the more smiles you would be helping to put on single folk's faces. :)

That's all for now...

-Lizzy B.