Crazy Eyes

Taking a quick break in-between computer freak-outs, customer e-mails, and packing for my move (T minus 1 WEEK, and I still don't have a perma-home yet, OH DEAR CHRIST WHYYY).  And then this came out of my brain.  I'm not sure why I did it or where it came from, but there is a slight chance it could possibly be stress related.  

I may need to cut down on the caffeine until things settle down.

In related news, while I am still accepting commission requests, due to my hectic schedule between now and when I'm able to settle permanently into a new home (there may be a temp half-way house in there),  I won't be streaming them.  Still! If you want art, I'm your lady.

Until next time, be safe & stay out of trouble.* 

-Lizzy B. 


*I may have listened to a bit too much "Hidden Almanac"...