I Should Have Stayed at the Bar....

Every monday night, I play Dungeons & Dragons with a fun (and often very weird) group via Teamspeak & OpenRPG.  We've done many exciting things together, from dropping a figurine-turned-full-sized-elephant onto a dragon's head, converting an evil Drow Elf into our personal butler, and witnessing a Gelatinous Cube in a bikini warbling seductively.  Oh, and given out a lot of Weaselite pamphlets*. Sometimes they're not immediately tossed away!

My character in the games is a Dragonborn Ranger named Inix.  No, it's not the same Inix as in BPD; I actually tend to recycle that name quite a bit.  It's also the name of my first World of Warcraft character, one of my old Neopets (I almost feel embarrassed to admit I was on that site), but the first time I used it was back in an old AOL text RPG where I played, coincidentally, an Anthropomorphic Dragon.  

D&D Inix is the adopted child of a half-elf couple, one of many children of a variety of races they have adopted over the years.  She typically prefers to stay as far away from the thick of battle as she can, but will never ever admit openly that she is afraid of anything, ever.  Especially bees.  She is absolutely not afraid of bees.   When she's not out adventuring (and trying not to get herself implanted with Slaad babies), she's usually at the bar, spending what coin she gets on ale and a game of cards.  She has a cloak of many pockets, lightning resist armor, and a pair of fabulous boots that thankfully have not been peed on by the group's paladin's pet Fizzgig.  Not yet anyway.

Above is a portrait of Inix I drew last night during our most recent game, the highlight of which was our druid using Chill Wind to send an enemy rent-a-cop Cyclops (aka a Rent-A-Clop) tumbling down a flight of stairs inside an evil office building, killing him instantly.   I love my group.  ^_^

I'll have the rest of the "Hello Keeper" set up sometime tonight, but I thought I'd give you all a small bit of artwork to tide you over.

-Lizzy B.

* Our Paladin is a member of the Order of the Silver Weasel.  Almost every combat begins with him attempting to convert the enemy by offering them pamphlets.  In the year and a half I've been with the group, he's managed one possible-conversion-but-really-just-walked-off-clutching-the-pamplet-looking-dazed, and one Drow-hired-as-butler as previously mentioned, but that one isn't TECHNICALLY a conversion so I'm not sure it counts.  There was also a demon hound that we got to turn to our side purely because our Paladin also happened to speak Abyssal and commanded the dog to sit, but again that doesn't really count as a conversion.

So what I'm saying is, his success rate is probably marginally better than that of your average Jehovah's Witness.