ART : Frocta's Coffee & Ven's Badge

Instead of a normal Creature-A-Day post today, I thought I would share with you guys a couple commissions I did recently for some very kind & generous customers.  This first one is for FA user "Frocta" of his character relaxing and enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee. 

...and this one is for "Venikins".  It's a small conbadge portrait about 3"x4" of her half-elf, half-cat demon character.

Both images were done with Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils, and a bit of gel pen.  Frocta's picture was done on white bristol paper, while Ven's was done on gray cardstock.

While I am not accepting new work at the moment, I do offer private commissions!  Keep an eye on my twitter feed for opening announcements if you're interested in commissioning work in the future. :)

-Lizzy B.