CaD: Sketch Pages

So since you all are all amped up for some good ol' Superbowl Football goodness*, I've decided to dig through some of my old sketches and find some buried goodies to share with you today.  

First up is a page of creature brainstorming I was doing for a currently-in-development world-building project.  Most of these still need a bunch of work, but I thought I'd give you a little taste of things to come in the future.

This second page features my Dungeons & Dragons character, Inix**, along with a bunch of doodles of pet/companion/familiars I might like her to have should the opportunity present itself.***. 


So that's it for today! Best of luck to your team of choice, and I'll see you tomorrow. :)

-Lizzy B.

* Unless, like me, you couldn't give a horse's patootie about football and are only in it for the party food, half-time show, and weird commercials.  OR you're in a country that doesn't follow American Football at all, in which case, happy Sunday!

** No relation to the Inix from "Broken Plot Device".  I'm just like the name and tend to use it a lot for fantasy-type characters.  Fun Fact: "Inix" was also the name of my first World of Warcraft Character, a troll hunter.

*** Come on, Kevin. Get on that!