B-Team : Doin' the WORK

YouTube is by far my biggest source of video entertainment.  Of the YouTubers that I subscribe to and enjoy, "Let's Play"ers BDoubleO100 and GenerikB are among my favorites.

Earlier today, the two of them jumped onto a public "MafiaCraft" server (basically a Mindcraft city map kitted out with mods to work like GTA) and did an open call for anyone who wanted to join them to hop on the server and play with them.  I say "with them" losely, as the B-Team ended up getting swarmed by angry children trying to punch them and steal all their things, forcing Genny & Bdubs to put them down.

Needless to say, the stream was hilarious and I actually did run across them once or twice in game, which was pretty neat!  After they ended it for the day, I got the itch to do a bit of fan art for them, and ended up with this.  Even if you don't watch either of these guys already (which you SHOULD), hopefully you'll at least be amused by the art  ^_^

Hopefully this'll make up for the fact that I shot and killed both of them with a rocket launcher.  ....but SHH, don't tell them I did that.  That's just between me and you guys.

Totally flim-flammed 'em. ;) hehehe

-Lizzy B.