"The Dreamer" : Broken Plot Device issue 2 OUT NOW!

Issue 2 is out and online right NOW!!  Go read it online and/or download the PDF for FREE.  


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-Lizzy B.

Strip Search - Fan Challenge #1

I am hopelessly addicted to Penny Arcade's "Strip Search" show. If you haven't seen the show... first, go here. Second, it's a non-suck reality show where web cartoonists compete for a $15,000 cash prize AND a year working from the Penny Arcade offices. One of the main hooks of the show is the elimination round, where 2 artists (selected by that day's competition winner) are tasked with drawing a comic strip based on 2 ideas selected at random in 90 minutes.  I've loved the idea of this challenge, and have wanted to take a crack at it since watching the first elimination.

Well, earlier tonight the first 5 eliminated "strippers" (yes, that's what they call themselves) held a "Elimination Home Edition" live broadcast on YouTube. I saw this and thought, well HECK, I'mma gonna play along all over that!  

The two words selected were "Secret" and "Sasquatch". 

click to view the larger version, yo.

I actually finished this 13 minutes early, mostly because I overestimated how long it would take and probably should have taken my time a bit more with the inking.  Personally I think it looks terrible. Hopefully y'all think it's actually funny, cuz if this were a REAL competition I'd probably be sent home*.  Anyway, you be the judge!

I'll definitely be trying this more.  It was WAY fun, and damn good practice.  Hopefully it'll look better next time. :)

-Lizzy B.

*Ideally with Jerry drinking my comic, as he did with Amy's. That's the winning way to lose.

Remember when I did Comics...?

Back during my t-shirt Kickstarter last year, I offered as the highest pledge level a chance for one person to have a 4-page cameo in Broken Plot Device.  The purchaser of said pledge reward, who I will refer to by his online alias "Smaug", offered his 2 fantasy-themed characters Serylis and Declan, whom I thought would be a perfect match for the BPD crew's Dungeons & Dragons universe.  

Now, I am fully willing to admit that I have been a LONG time in finishing this, due to a variety of reasons (work, moving, life, break-up, stress, assorted deadlines, etc.)  However, I hope that this proves once and for all that I have not given up making comics, with this being a small appetizer for my official return.  This is also how comics will be posted from now on (full stories, or chapters of stories, posted all at once.)  Some directly BPD stuff, some BPD spin-off stuff (back-stories? More from this D&D universe?), and some entirely new stuff, ALL of which will be posted here*.   For now though, I hope you enjoy this bite-sized interlude! 

Want more comics sooner?

Than please, if you can, help me out a bit; I do private commissions to supplement my income, which I will sporadically take new requests for.  However, not only are they really only meant for one person but they also take time away from working on comics.  If you want me to have more time to create comic content, may I suggest buying something from my store? You can also send "tips" (i.e. Paypal Donations) to, the amount of which is entirely up to you.  

The less time I have to spend worrying about paying rent and feeding myself, the more time I can begin to put back into making comics again.  I've missed doing it, and I know many of you miss reading them.   Help me help YOU, and the world will be a better place.  Hopefully.  :)

-Lizzy B.

* the old Broken Plot Device website will remain online for the time being as an archive of all the old content.  Eventually it will be taken offline, but for now you can still read through all the old comics for free.  I just won't be posting anything new there, so update your bookmarks!