The End Times are NAY

Ok, guys.  Normally, I'm not one to make predictions or claim I know what's going to happen in the future.  In this case though, I THINK I have a fairly good idea what's going to happen tomorrow, December 21st, 2012.

"They Dug too Greedily & too Deep" BPD comic from 8-24-11

"They Dug too Greedily & too Deep" BPD comic from 8-24-11


Well, at least the world is not going to end tomorrow.  Stuff will happen.  I'll do stuff, you'll do stuff, everyone will do STUFF.  But I'm fairly confident in predicting that the world will continue through to December 22nd and beyond, the Rapture is not going to occur, and we're not all going to die in a huge screaming ball of fire. Or zombies.

That's right. I hate to break it to you, but there will be a severe lack of zombies.

For the majority of you, I'm assuming this comes as no surprise.  You're still planning on going to work, you've studied for your tests, and those of you who celebrate christmas haven't skipped your shopping (unless you're one of those people who always does it last minute anyway.  Nothing wrong with that, of course).  In spite of all of the "Oh man, the world is ending tomorrow" talk I see online, 99% of you know there's just as much chance of it happening as there is for Elvis Presley, 2Pac, and Michael Jackson all coming back from the dead and going on an epic world tour.*

I know for a fact there ARE people out there who DO believe this will happen.  Just as there are people who think Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Jersey Devil are real, or who are willing to believe that we're all reincarnated spirits of immortal aliens that just forgot our true nature after being murdered by Lord Zenu**, there are people out there who will swear to you up and down that yes, the Mayans are 100% right, and the world is in fact going to end tomorrow.  

Even though their existence both terrifies me and makes me depressed for the future of humanity, I'm SO curious to know just how many of these people there actually are, and how much money they've pumped into the economy as far as Post Apocalypse Prep.  I'd like to think the numbers are something like 1 in 100,000 or even rarer, but who knows. Like the question of the Tootsie Pop, some things we may never know.

I will ask one thing of all of you though, because I'm just kinda sorta curious. Let's say, hypothetically, the world IS going to end tomorrow.  How do you think it will end? There's been lots of theories and ideas thrown around as to how we will all die horribly, but I want to know which one you guys think is the most likely scenario out of all of the extremely-unlikely apocalypse scenarios.  Go ahead, place your bets!  

There's not really a prize for this beyond, well.... on the off-chance the world does end in the manner you predicted, you'll die knowing you were right all along.  

That's something, right?

-Lizzy B.

*Honestly though, that would be AMAZING.

**Scientology in a nutshell. No, seriously.