Strip Search - Fan Challenge #1

I am hopelessly addicted to Penny Arcade's "Strip Search" show. If you haven't seen the show... first, go here. Second, it's a non-suck reality show where web cartoonists compete for a $15,000 cash prize AND a year working from the Penny Arcade offices. One of the main hooks of the show is the elimination round, where 2 artists (selected by that day's competition winner) are tasked with drawing a comic strip based on 2 ideas selected at random in 90 minutes.  I've loved the idea of this challenge, and have wanted to take a crack at it since watching the first elimination.

Well, earlier tonight the first 5 eliminated "strippers" (yes, that's what they call themselves) held a "Elimination Home Edition" live broadcast on YouTube. I saw this and thought, well HECK, I'mma gonna play along all over that!  

The two words selected were "Secret" and "Sasquatch". 

click to view the larger version, yo.

I actually finished this 13 minutes early, mostly because I overestimated how long it would take and probably should have taken my time a bit more with the inking.  Personally I think it looks terrible. Hopefully y'all think it's actually funny, cuz if this were a REAL competition I'd probably be sent home*.  Anyway, you be the judge!

I'll definitely be trying this more.  It was WAY fun, and damn good practice.  Hopefully it'll look better next time. :)

-Lizzy B.

*Ideally with Jerry drinking my comic, as he did with Amy's. That's the winning way to lose.