Together We Are Strong (Overwatch Quasi-Fan Art)

I've been pretty excited for Blizzard's new game "Overwatched" since it was announced.  A week ago though, my anticipation boner got an extra special little tickle when they announced 2 new characters; one of which was the super badass Russian weightlifter Zarya, sporting bright pink hair and rocking some massive guns... and I don't just mean her Particle Cannon.  This woman looks ready to kick some serious ass. AND she has a hot Russian accent. How can you NOT love this lady? (Well, unless you're That Guy on Twitter. We don't talk about that guy.)

Speaking of Twitter though, @ALIENwolve got me inspired to do a Sunny/Zarya piece, with Sunny dressed as the uber-buff Russian badass.  And honestly, I couldn't NOT do it.  I felt compelled.  Nay, obligated.  

I did this for you, dear internet.  Because Reasons.

Do you even LIFT, bro?

Do you even LIFT, bro?

You're welcome.

-Lizzy B.

League of... Furries?

I draw furries.  I also play video games.  I am what some may call a "nerd", and I happily celebrate the term.  Yay nerds!

I recently got the urge to draw my mascot character, Lizardbeth, as Jinx "The Loose Canon" from Riot Game's League of Legends.  I thought it an appropriate fit, given Liz's hyperactivity and colorful nature.  Plus, Jinx is just one of my favorite heroes in LoL, both in terms of design and gameplay.  What's not to love about a rocket launcher shaped like a shark? I mean come ON. 

Of course, having doing that, I got the itch to do a few more. I told my followers on FurAffinity "hey, if any of you want me to draw your character as a League of Legends champion, I'll totally do it."  I opened two slots initially, with the intent that if I got enough demand I'd open up a couple more spots later.

Well wouldn't you know it? There's a lot of furry LOL nerds. out there. :)

I'll likely continue to do these until interest dries up (whether it's mine, or potential buyers).  But I'm certainly enjoying them for now.  

* * * * *

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-Lizzie B.

A Snake and his Harp

Another time lapse art video! Woot!

This was a commission I originally did as just a black-and-white line art, but which was later upgraded to full color upon request.  Humm, not sure what else to say about this one, other than that... uhh... naga-bodies are fun to draw? ;^_^

Sorry, I got nuthin.  Anyway, here's the full piece!

...and of course, the time-lapse video.

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Until next time, friends!

-Lizzy B.