"Mix!" : Illustrated Cocktail Cards - Previews & Preorders!

Hey, guys!

I'd like to officially announce my brand new project, "Mix!" an ever-expandable series of illustrated art cards featuring fun, thematic cocktails, shots, & drinks. Each poker-sized card features a single drink recipe on one side and a colorful piece of artwork on the other. This is a fantastic set for all you home bartenders, mixologists, and party hosts! 

To kick off Mix!, I'm releasing a basic Starter set of 24 cards (the art for many of them is featured below). It contains a wide variety of recipes for all different tastes and preferences, and is an excellent way to start your Mix! card collection. 

Also being released are two themed "booster" sets, which you can purchase either by themselves or in addition to the starter set.  

The first of these boosters is the "Here Be Dragons" set, which contains 6 cards with cocktail & shot recipes themed around your favorite mythical reptilian beasts.

The second Booster, "Bronie Bombs", is a collection of 7 cards (6 + 1 bonus card) featuring an original collection of bomb-style drinks featuring your favorite characters from MLP:FIM. These are of course aimed at all the grown-up Bronies out there, as they contain alcohol. These are NOT for kids!

The artwork for the 7th card, featuring Rainbow Dash, is not shown.  It will be a surprise for all those who purchase this booster set!

All 3 of these sets will be available for purchase at Anthrocon 2013 However, if you want to reserve one or all of these sets ahead of time & make sure they don't run out before you get a chance to snag 'em, you're in luck!  I'm opening preorders NOW for those of you who just Can Not Wait to start collecting your Mix! cocktail cards.  Preorders can either be picked up at the convention or shipped to you*.   As an added incentive, I'm offering some exclusive preorder-only deals.

Everyone who preorders any Mix! set (starter or booster) will get a FREE sketch card featuring a surprise doodle by yours truly absolutely free.  These cards are the same size as the Mix! cards or any standard ATC/ACEO, and will feature a fun piece of doodle art on the front hand-drawn just for you!  

Even more exciting, the first 10 people to order a complete set of all 3 card sets will get a limited-edition acrylic box engraved with the Mix! logo by the truly amazing Phishee Boner!  Only 25 of these are being made, but you can guarantee yourself one of these goodies by preordering early.  As soon as the boxes are out of production I'll have a preview photo up.

I'm super excited about this, guys.  :D I've been working on it for a number of months now, and I hope you get as much of a kick out of these as I did in making them.  I'd love to expand these in the future with more fun themes and drink styles, so if you like these sets, than let me know and spread the word!   

-Lizzy B. 


*Shipping costs apply. Current est. shipping date is late July.