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Kevin and Ursula (& Liz) Eat Cheap!

Last week, I went down to North Carolina to visit my friends Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney (Ursula makes art & word-things, one of which won a Hugo, and Kevin makes computers go good and DMs our weekly D&D game.)  Due to how our schedules lined up, I drove down on the Sunday after the Extra Life event. This meant I had basically stayed up for about 25 hours starting at 6am on Saturday, went to sleep at 7am on Sunday, woke up at 1pm, and then drove for about 9 hours. Thankfully I survived (obviously) and made it to Kevin & Ursula's house full of loving but ill-behaved animals.  (Really, they meant well. Except maybe Ben, but I learned quickly that if one simply does not bother the Ben, than he will not kill you. So overall, we got along fine.)

While I was there, I was given the grand tour of Ursula's expansive (but in it's less-than-ideal-fall-season-but-obviously-still-very-impressive) garden, got to have Sushi with fellow D&Der Jen (aka "Wilhemina" the flavored-potion making Gnome) & her family, discovered the magic of gray sketchbooks with Ursula, and rediscovered "Archer" with Kevin, among many other things.  Oh, and I ate some really terrible food (and some really good & mediocre) food with them as a guest on their podcast "Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap".  It ended up being a nearly 2 hour show, twice the normal length.  I guess, umm... you're welcome?

My punishment for giving them Durian Cookies this summer.

My punishment for giving them Durian Cookies this summer.

Here are a few random things that I learned during my trip (queue picture of Ursula with the rainbow "The More You Know" logo hovering over her head):

  • I'm almost 30 and I'm still perplexed by the headlight mechanism on my mother's car (which lead to me accidentally draining the battery of said car)
  • A plant called an Ebony Spleenwort is a real thing.
  • The Hugo Award trophy is really frigging heavy. Like, potential murder weapon heavy.
  • They grow spiders BIG in the south.
  • Tuna Jerky tastes like fish and regret. (from KUEC)
  • Teriyaki should never be carbonated (also from KUEC)
  • There is no love like a beagle who wants his chair back.
  • Ben the cat may look like he wants you to pet his belly, but it's a trap. With claws.
  • Naked Mole Rats have hive social structures, complete with queens, and can breath Amonia. They're aliens, I tell you!

Overall it was an AWESOME trip, Kevin & Ursula were super awesome for putting up with me for 5 days, and hopefully they will allow me into their home again in the future.  Ideally without the Teriyaki soda this time. ;)

-Lizzy B.

Listen to Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap!

PS: I also drew an adorable Cthulhu. ^_^  (click to open the full-view version)

See? Gray Paper!  You know you're an artist when you get excited by gray paper.

Source: http://kuec.libsyn.com