"Mix!" : Illustrated Cocktail Cards - Previews & Preorders!

Hey, guys!

I'd like to officially announce my brand new project, "Mix!" an ever-expandable series of illustrated art cards featuring fun, thematic cocktails, shots, & drinks. Each poker-sized card features a single drink recipe on one side and a colorful piece of artwork on the other. This is a fantastic set for all you home bartenders, mixologists, and party hosts! 

To kick off Mix!, I'm releasing a basic Starter set of 24 cards (the art for many of them is featured below). It contains a wide variety of recipes for all different tastes and preferences, and is an excellent way to start your Mix! card collection. 

Also being released are two themed "booster" sets, which you can purchase either by themselves or in addition to the starter set.  

The first of these boosters is the "Here Be Dragons" set, which contains 6 cards with cocktail & shot recipes themed around your favorite mythical reptilian beasts.

The second Booster, "Bronie Bombs", is a collection of 7 cards (6 + 1 bonus card) featuring an original collection of bomb-style drinks featuring your favorite characters from MLP:FIM. These are of course aimed at all the grown-up Bronies out there, as they contain alcohol. These are NOT for kids!

The artwork for the 7th card, featuring Rainbow Dash, is not shown.  It will be a surprise for all those who purchase this booster set!

All 3 of these sets will be available for purchase at Anthrocon 2013 However, if you want to reserve one or all of these sets ahead of time & make sure they don't run out before you get a chance to snag 'em, you're in luck!  I'm opening preorders NOW for those of you who just Can Not Wait to start collecting your Mix! cocktail cards.  Preorders can either be picked up at the convention or shipped to you*.   As an added incentive, I'm offering some exclusive preorder-only deals.

Everyone who preorders any Mix! set (starter or booster) will get a FREE sketch card featuring a surprise doodle by yours truly absolutely free.  These cards are the same size as the Mix! cards or any standard ATC/ACEO, and will feature a fun piece of doodle art on the front hand-drawn just for you!  

Even more exciting, the first 10 people to order a complete set of all 3 card sets will get a limited-edition acrylic box engraved with the Mix! logo by the truly amazing Phishee Boner!  Only 25 of these are being made, but you can guarantee yourself one of these goodies by preordering early.  As soon as the boxes are out of production I'll have a preview photo up.

I'm super excited about this, guys.  :D I've been working on it for a number of months now, and I hope you get as much of a kick out of these as I did in making them.  I'd love to expand these in the future with more fun themes and drink styles, so if you like these sets, than let me know and spread the word!   

-Lizzy B. 


*Shipping costs apply. Current est. shipping date is late July. 

Rapid Arting #2 : "Horney Dragon"

Hey guys!

After doing the speed-video for the Grumpy Cat box, I've been meaning to do another one like that for a while.  Well, I finally remembered today to set up my camera and record me working on some of the illustrations for my cocktail recipe project (details coming VERY soon).  I've got a few others in the pipeline, but for now, here's the first one that will be matched with a recipe for a drink called "The Horney Dragon".  Enjoy!

The original piece will also very likely be one of the many drawings I put up for sale in the Anthrocon art show.  However, I may be convinced to sell it sooner if an interested party were to send me a suitable offer... *wink wink* ;)

-Lizzy B.

My First Art Doll! (work in progress #1)

For a while, I've been admiring the art dolls made by Miss Monster and Remjie.  They both do beautiful sculpture work, and combine them with hand-sewn  soft bodies and other elements to create amazing and adorable creatures and monsters.  Even though I don't consider myself a sculptor, like at all, I've wanted to try my hand at making one of these for a while.  Today I got the chance after finding myself waiting for sketch approvals and OKs on every commission on my current to-do list.  So I got out my clay I had bought a year or two ago (I told you, I've been wanting to try doing one for a WHILE) and just started sculpting.

This is what I have so far.  I didn't really have much of a plan going in - sort of doing the "let the clay speak to you" kind of thing- but what I ended up with was some sort of dragon-lion hybrid guy.  It still needs a bit more work; I want to add some paw pads to the hands, and the head needs teeth and a tongue, among other things.  I also need to make some feet, and possibly horns and ears.  I also need to figure out how I'm going to attach these to the soft body; something tells me just gluing them isn't going to be enough.  Research is forthcoming.

Regardless, I'm fairly happy with how this is coming out, especially given how rarely I do anything in 3D.  I'm just hoping this momentum continues long enough for me to finish him!

I Should Have Stayed at the Bar....

Every monday night, I play Dungeons & Dragons with a fun (and often very weird) group via Teamspeak & OpenRPG.  We've done many exciting things together, from dropping a figurine-turned-full-sized-elephant onto a dragon's head, converting an evil Drow Elf into our personal butler, and witnessing a Gelatinous Cube in a bikini warbling seductively.  Oh, and given out a lot of Weaselite pamphlets*. Sometimes they're not immediately tossed away!

My character in the games is a Dragonborn Ranger named Inix.  No, it's not the same Inix as in BPD; I actually tend to recycle that name quite a bit.  It's also the name of my first World of Warcraft character, one of my old Neopets (I almost feel embarrassed to admit I was on that site), but the first time I used it was back in an old AOL text RPG where I played, coincidentally, an Anthropomorphic Dragon.  

D&D Inix is the adopted child of a half-elf couple, one of many children of a variety of races they have adopted over the years.  She typically prefers to stay as far away from the thick of battle as she can, but will never ever admit openly that she is afraid of anything, ever.  Especially bees.  She is absolutely not afraid of bees.   When she's not out adventuring (and trying not to get herself implanted with Slaad babies), she's usually at the bar, spending what coin she gets on ale and a game of cards.  She has a cloak of many pockets, lightning resist armor, and a pair of fabulous boots that thankfully have not been peed on by the group's paladin's pet Fizzgig.  Not yet anyway.

Above is a portrait of Inix I drew last night during our most recent game, the highlight of which was our druid using Chill Wind to send an enemy rent-a-cop Cyclops (aka a Rent-A-Clop) tumbling down a flight of stairs inside an evil office building, killing him instantly.   I love my group.  ^_^

I'll have the rest of the "Hello Keeper" set up sometime tonight, but I thought I'd give you all a small bit of artwork to tide you over.

-Lizzy B.

* Our Paladin is a member of the Order of the Silver Weasel.  Almost every combat begins with him attempting to convert the enemy by offering them pamphlets.  In the year and a half I've been with the group, he's managed one possible-conversion-but-really-just-walked-off-clutching-the-pamplet-looking-dazed, and one Drow-hired-as-butler as previously mentioned, but that one isn't TECHNICALLY a conversion so I'm not sure it counts.  There was also a demon hound that we got to turn to our side purely because our Paladin also happened to speak Abyssal and commanded the dog to sit, but again that doesn't really count as a conversion.

So what I'm saying is, his success rate is probably marginally better than that of your average Jehovah's Witness.

Liz Sucks at Games episode 1 (+ more CaD catch-up)

I'm confident enough in myself and my self-worth that I'm willing to admit that I'm terrible at videogames.  I enjoy them in spite of my terribleness, but let's just say I don't plan on entering any gaming tournaments any time soon.  However, if watching me suck at said games brings other people amusement, even at my expense, then by golly I'll share my game sessions with the internet!  

So here's me playing a new game I discovered thanks to Simon & Lewis of the Yogscast, called "Surgeon Simulator".  It's basically QWOP plus Operation, and... well.... let's just say it's a good thing I never became a doctor.

I also think I'm renaming Critter-A-Day to Creature-A-Day.  Critter just sounds too cutesy. So on that note, here's 3 more Creature-A-Day catch-up drawings!  


See you tomorrow, my lovely minions. :)

-Lizzy B.