The Lover and The Fighter

A new pair of originals I just finished for Anthrocon this weekend: The Lover and The Fighter!

Each piece measures 12"x18" in size, and were done using Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils, and acrylic paint.  They will be up in the Anthrocon art show and available for bidding individually. I got really nice marbled gold mats for them and coupled with the metallic gold halos they look SO GOOD in person. If you're going to Anthrocon, I hope you check them out in the art show!

In addition, I'll have a limited number of 13"x19" prints that will feature both images together. I'm not sure how many prints I'll have, as it honestly depends on how many my printer's ink supply will give me. I'm hoping for at least 10-12, but we will see how that goes. Either way, if you would like one I suggest finding me in the Dealer's room at table D14 as soon as you can if you want to better your chances of snagging one.  If demand is high enough, I'll print a few more when I return home to put up for sale in the store.

If you're going to Anthrocon this weekend, come swing by my table and say hi!  if you're not attending, I'll see you when I get back. :)


-Lizzy B.


Remember when I did Comics...?

Back during my t-shirt Kickstarter last year, I offered as the highest pledge level a chance for one person to have a 4-page cameo in Broken Plot Device.  The purchaser of said pledge reward, who I will refer to by his online alias "Smaug", offered his 2 fantasy-themed characters Serylis and Declan, whom I thought would be a perfect match for the BPD crew's Dungeons & Dragons universe.  

Now, I am fully willing to admit that I have been a LONG time in finishing this, due to a variety of reasons (work, moving, life, break-up, stress, assorted deadlines, etc.)  However, I hope that this proves once and for all that I have not given up making comics, with this being a small appetizer for my official return.  This is also how comics will be posted from now on (full stories, or chapters of stories, posted all at once.)  Some directly BPD stuff, some BPD spin-off stuff (back-stories? More from this D&D universe?), and some entirely new stuff, ALL of which will be posted here*.   For now though, I hope you enjoy this bite-sized interlude! 

Want more comics sooner?

Than please, if you can, help me out a bit; I do private commissions to supplement my income, which I will sporadically take new requests for.  However, not only are they really only meant for one person but they also take time away from working on comics.  If you want me to have more time to create comic content, may I suggest buying something from my store? You can also send "tips" (i.e. Paypal Donations) to, the amount of which is entirely up to you.  

The less time I have to spend worrying about paying rent and feeding myself, the more time I can begin to put back into making comics again.  I've missed doing it, and I know many of you miss reading them.   Help me help YOU, and the world will be a better place.  Hopefully.  :)

-Lizzy B.

* the old Broken Plot Device website will remain online for the time being as an archive of all the old content.  Eventually it will be taken offline, but for now you can still read through all the old comics for free.  I just won't be posting anything new there, so update your bookmarks!

I Should Have Stayed at the Bar....

Every monday night, I play Dungeons & Dragons with a fun (and often very weird) group via Teamspeak & OpenRPG.  We've done many exciting things together, from dropping a figurine-turned-full-sized-elephant onto a dragon's head, converting an evil Drow Elf into our personal butler, and witnessing a Gelatinous Cube in a bikini warbling seductively.  Oh, and given out a lot of Weaselite pamphlets*. Sometimes they're not immediately tossed away!

My character in the games is a Dragonborn Ranger named Inix.  No, it's not the same Inix as in BPD; I actually tend to recycle that name quite a bit.  It's also the name of my first World of Warcraft character, one of my old Neopets (I almost feel embarrassed to admit I was on that site), but the first time I used it was back in an old AOL text RPG where I played, coincidentally, an Anthropomorphic Dragon.  

D&D Inix is the adopted child of a half-elf couple, one of many children of a variety of races they have adopted over the years.  She typically prefers to stay as far away from the thick of battle as she can, but will never ever admit openly that she is afraid of anything, ever.  Especially bees.  She is absolutely not afraid of bees.   When she's not out adventuring (and trying not to get herself implanted with Slaad babies), she's usually at the bar, spending what coin she gets on ale and a game of cards.  She has a cloak of many pockets, lightning resist armor, and a pair of fabulous boots that thankfully have not been peed on by the group's paladin's pet Fizzgig.  Not yet anyway.

Above is a portrait of Inix I drew last night during our most recent game, the highlight of which was our druid using Chill Wind to send an enemy rent-a-cop Cyclops (aka a Rent-A-Clop) tumbling down a flight of stairs inside an evil office building, killing him instantly.   I love my group.  ^_^

I'll have the rest of the "Hello Keeper" set up sometime tonight, but I thought I'd give you all a small bit of artwork to tide you over.

-Lizzy B.

* Our Paladin is a member of the Order of the Silver Weasel.  Almost every combat begins with him attempting to convert the enemy by offering them pamphlets.  In the year and a half I've been with the group, he's managed one possible-conversion-but-really-just-walked-off-clutching-the-pamplet-looking-dazed, and one Drow-hired-as-butler as previously mentioned, but that one isn't TECHNICALLY a conversion so I'm not sure it counts.  There was also a demon hound that we got to turn to our side purely because our Paladin also happened to speak Abyssal and commanded the dog to sit, but again that doesn't really count as a conversion.

So what I'm saying is, his success rate is probably marginally better than that of your average Jehovah's Witness.

CaD: Sketch Pages

So since you all are all amped up for some good ol' Superbowl Football goodness*, I've decided to dig through some of my old sketches and find some buried goodies to share with you today.  

First up is a page of creature brainstorming I was doing for a currently-in-development world-building project.  Most of these still need a bunch of work, but I thought I'd give you a little taste of things to come in the future.

This second page features my Dungeons & Dragons character, Inix**, along with a bunch of doodles of pet/companion/familiars I might like her to have should the opportunity present itself.***. 


So that's it for today! Best of luck to your team of choice, and I'll see you tomorrow. :)

-Lizzy B.

* Unless, like me, you couldn't give a horse's patootie about football and are only in it for the party food, half-time show, and weird commercials.  OR you're in a country that doesn't follow American Football at all, in which case, happy Sunday!

** No relation to the Inix from "Broken Plot Device".  I'm just like the name and tend to use it a lot for fantasy-type characters.  Fun Fact: "Inix" was also the name of my first World of Warcraft Character, a troll hunter.

*** Come on, Kevin. Get on that!