My First Art Doll! (work in progress #1)

For a while, I've been admiring the art dolls made by Miss Monster and Remjie.  They both do beautiful sculpture work, and combine them with hand-sewn  soft bodies and other elements to create amazing and adorable creatures and monsters.  Even though I don't consider myself a sculptor, like at all, I've wanted to try my hand at making one of these for a while.  Today I got the chance after finding myself waiting for sketch approvals and OKs on every commission on my current to-do list.  So I got out my clay I had bought a year or two ago (I told you, I've been wanting to try doing one for a WHILE) and just started sculpting.

This is what I have so far.  I didn't really have much of a plan going in - sort of doing the "let the clay speak to you" kind of thing- but what I ended up with was some sort of dragon-lion hybrid guy.  It still needs a bit more work; I want to add some paw pads to the hands, and the head needs teeth and a tongue, among other things.  I also need to make some feet, and possibly horns and ears.  I also need to figure out how I'm going to attach these to the soft body; something tells me just gluing them isn't going to be enough.  Research is forthcoming.

Regardless, I'm fairly happy with how this is coming out, especially given how rarely I do anything in 3D.  I'm just hoping this momentum continues long enough for me to finish him!

Lil' Leo (CaD)

A little lion I'd doodled this past weekend while I was in New York City.  I used a relatively new set of gel pens to do the majority of the coloring (some of the red is colored pencil).  

One more update tomorrow, and then I'll probably be taking this weekend off for my birthday!

-Lizzy B.