Attack of the IGUANAGA (poster)

Coming soon to a metropolis near you...

I was inspired by the FurAffinity United convention's "Kaiju" theme this year to create this monster movie poster, featuring Lizardbeth transformed* into a giant 4-armed Naga monster.  The Statue of Liberty is just one of those classic monster/disaster movie tropes, so I had to play tribute to that. This was a Godzilla-sized amount of fun to do!

I'm hoping to have a limited number of 13x19 poster prints of this one for sale at Anthrocon and FA-U this summer.  If you want one, stop by my table and snag one before they disappear back into the watery depths from whence they came!

-Lizzy B.


* possibly from week-old coffee whose molecules went nuclear in the microwave.  Hooray for pseudo-science!

"Game Over"

Decided to break in another gray sketchbook with a bit of Lizardbeth art.  What can I say? She's my mascot/muse.  The title came from the fact that this looked vaguely like she's floating away after losing her last heart getting hit by a fireball or something.  It's not because I'm depressed or anything, I swear.


But oh man, how I LOVE drawing on gray paper.  It's like BUTTER. Mmm. ^_^

-Lizzy B.