CaD : "Singles Valentines" Doodles

As you know, I'm working on a series of 3 "Singles Valentines" care packages.  Each one will have it's own custom painted box, and below are a series of sketches I did trying to decide what would go on the top of each one.  Well, except for the bird flipping the panda... that I did after drawing the panda flipping the bird, as it just seemed to be the natural progression of things.

I'm not sure what the caption for the grumpy cat one would be, but I'm open to suggestions!

ALSO: If you would like to sponsor the video I'll be making putting these together and get a chance to win one of these for yourself or a single friend in your life, you still have time!  Just send any amount you'd like via PayPal to and you'll be in the running.  

Just make sure to get it in by Thursday night, as I'll be putting the video together Friday & want to ship these out first thing monday morning.  So no dilly-dallying, y'all!

-Lizzy B.