work in progress

Rapid Arting #2 : "Horney Dragon"

Hey guys!

After doing the speed-video for the Grumpy Cat box, I've been meaning to do another one like that for a while.  Well, I finally remembered today to set up my camera and record me working on some of the illustrations for my cocktail recipe project (details coming VERY soon).  I've got a few others in the pipeline, but for now, here's the first one that will be matched with a recipe for a drink called "The Horney Dragon".  Enjoy!

The original piece will also very likely be one of the many drawings I put up for sale in the Anthrocon art show.  However, I may be convinced to sell it sooner if an interested party were to send me a suitable offer... *wink wink* ;)

-Lizzy B.

WIP : Duel-Character Badge

Been working on probably the most complex badge I've ever done for "Aaeden", involving 2 of his characters.  I haven't ever done any badge with 2 distinct characters before; I've done simple badges with male & female versions of the same character, couples badge sets, and badges with a character holding a plush of a second character, but nothing quite like this.  A nice challenge!

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 5.05.17 PM.png

Being it's a WIP, things may change between now and the final, in specific I'm waiting for an OK on the flat colors before I finish up with shading and highlights.  But I thought I'd share what I had so far as I'm pretty proud of it!

-Lizzy B.

My First Art Doll! (work in progress #1)

For a while, I've been admiring the art dolls made by Miss Monster and Remjie.  They both do beautiful sculpture work, and combine them with hand-sewn  soft bodies and other elements to create amazing and adorable creatures and monsters.  Even though I don't consider myself a sculptor, like at all, I've wanted to try my hand at making one of these for a while.  Today I got the chance after finding myself waiting for sketch approvals and OKs on every commission on my current to-do list.  So I got out my clay I had bought a year or two ago (I told you, I've been wanting to try doing one for a WHILE) and just started sculpting.

This is what I have so far.  I didn't really have much of a plan going in - sort of doing the "let the clay speak to you" kind of thing- but what I ended up with was some sort of dragon-lion hybrid guy.  It still needs a bit more work; I want to add some paw pads to the hands, and the head needs teeth and a tongue, among other things.  I also need to make some feet, and possibly horns and ears.  I also need to figure out how I'm going to attach these to the soft body; something tells me just gluing them isn't going to be enough.  Research is forthcoming.

Regardless, I'm fairly happy with how this is coming out, especially given how rarely I do anything in 3D.  I'm just hoping this momentum continues long enough for me to finish him!