PRICES are a very broad sliding scale depending on (a) how many characters, (b) how detailed your characters are, (c) how much of your character will be showing, and (d) how large your final commission will be (really only applies to real media art).  Exact pricing will be calculated once you let me know what you want, but I've included guidelines below for how much certain things affect pricing.  

If you don't know exactly what you want, you can alternatively let me know what your budget is and I can help you come up with something that'll work for you!   You can also be open and broad if you don't have an OC/fursona/etc.  Give me a few ideas/concepts/themes you like ("I like mermaids and my favorite hobby is baking cupcakes!") and I can whip something up for you :)

Just don't be intimidated by the listings below; there's a lot of brain math that goes into me quoting folks for commissions, and often there's a bit of fudging on a case-by-case basis.  This is just to give you a very general idea of what your commission may cost you before you contact me :)



  • 9x12 (default) - $300

  • 6x8 - $120

  • 11x14 - $400

  • 12x18 - $600

DIGITAL - $200 regardless of exact printable size  (within reason; if you want a 6' square banner, it will cost you more than a standard 8.5"x11" print.  If you're not sure if your request is too big for the standard price, just ask!)

**Above pricing assumes the full head-to-toe figure is shown. portrait base prices are 1/2 what is listed above.  Waist-up views are 3/4 what is listed above.

MODIFIERS (apply to base price)

  • Additional characters - +50% per full character, +25% for small "bonus" characters/pets/familiars/etc **6x8 RM commissions limited to 2 characters

  • Overly detailed characters (lots of complex tattoos/markings, multiple limbs, armor, etc) - +10-25%

  • Firearms - +25%

  • Vehicles - +50%-100% depending on size/complexity

  • Set pieces/furniture/large detailed props - +25%-100% depending on complexity

  • backgrounds - +50%-200% depending on complexity/perspective/setting (urban BGs cost more than organic natural BGs)

Pet portraits (art of your dog/cat/horse/bird/etc based on a photo) - 1/2 base price discount; modifiers for extra characters/pets are the same  (so a RM 9x12 picture of your two poodles together would be $150 base + $75 for 2nd dog = $225)

PATREON DISCOUNT - All patrons get a 10% discount off the *final price* of their commission!

**this is not an all-inclusive list, and some additional things may affect pricing in a positive OR negative way.  If you have any questions about any of the math, please ask!


Square digital icons for twitter/etc - $30

Badges - 3"x4" portrait for $40, $75 for 4"x6"  

  • Pricing includes printing & lamination; for digital badges, you can have your emailed to you to print & laminate yourself for a $10 discount on each

Character Sheets - $250 of a character of "average" complexity(includes 3 full figures from front/side/back.  Character sheets may cost +/- depending on complexity.  DIGITAL ONLY!! You will receive a high-res file for indefinite reprinting)


If you would like a commission, please email me at with the word "commissions" somewhere in the subject line.  And if you have any questions, you can email me or post them in the comments below!